The ChangeEducate Method

ChangeEducate is a non-profit organization which aims to educate students about poverty and empower them to become agents of social change. At ChangeEducate we believe bringing change to your community starts with the right tools & framework. Our five-step process guides budding social entrepreneurs in the creation and implementation of their own projects.


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Phase 1: Poverty as a Framework

Learn about the role poverty plays in the major issues that might affect your community.

Phase 2: Choose Your Area of Interest

Learn more about important issues around the world and discover the ones that interest you most.

Phase 3: Define Your Project

Narrow your area of interest into a specific project and create a plan for implementing it.

Phase 4: Resources You'll Need

Explore a variety of resources to help you get your project off the ground.

Phase 5: Share Your Project

Create a project profile and share with your family, friends, and community.